Sitemap - 2021 - Category Pirates

The Christmas Gift Growth Strategy: How To Turn The Holiday Into A Lightning Strike Marketing Event For Your Superconsumers

Content-Free Marketing: How Marketers Got Duped Into Saying Nothing, Everywhere (And Why It Is A Legendary Opportunity)

Now Available: The Category Design Toolkit & A Marketer's Guide To Category Design

The Next 10 Years For Netflix: How The Streaming Giant Can Create The Next Giant Film Category

Rethinking Black Friday: A DIFFERENT Approach To Discounting, Couponing, And Short-Term Marketing Promotions

Engineering Exponential Moments: How To Recognize & Capitalize On Opportunities To Create A New & Different Future

How To Create A Category As A Small “e” Entrepreneur: 7 Legendary Ways To Niche Down

The Meta Problem: Will Facebook’s New Category & Brand Work?

How To Write A Top 1% Business Newsletter: 7 Ways To Differentiate Your Content

Position Yourself Or Be Positioned: The Personal Category Design Playbook

The “Me” Disease: Why Personal Branding Is A Lie (And How Some Of The Smartest People In Business Fell For It)

Missionaries vs Mercenaries: Are You Competing Or Are You Creating?

No Ocean Strategy: Why Sailing For Blue Ocean Is A Ticket On The Titanic

The Lightning Strike Marketing Strategy: Part II

The Lightning Strike Strategy: How To Plan An Annual Marketing Strategy That Solidifies Your Leadership Position (Part I)

How To Have A Legendary Career (Part II)

How To Have A Legendary Career (Part 1)

The Big Brand Lie: How Categories Make Brands & Why Brand Marketers Never Believe It

A Pirate’s Guide To A Legendary IPO: How To Write An S-1 That Tells A Story Of A DIFFERENT Future

The Power Of A Point Of View: Everything Is The Way It Is Because Someone Changed The Way It Was

Investing Through A Category Lens: Are You Creating Or Capturing Value?

Radical M&A Strategy: The Difference Between Accelerating and Consolidating A Category

Dying-From-Home: Designing A New Category Of Death

Become Known For A Niche You Own: Why Legendary Writers Use Languaging To Design New & Different Categories

Become Known For A Niche You Own: Why Legendary Writers Use Languaging To Design New & Different Categories

Why Native Digitals (People Under 35) Are A New Category of Human—And How They’re Transforming The $6 Trillion “Stuff” Business

8 Category Levers: How To Build A Massive, Pacific Ocean-Sized Differentiation Moat

The “Better” Trap: Why Comparison Marketing Leads To Fighting For Only 24% Of The Market

Microsoft Office’s Legendary Data Flywheel: Why A Superconsumer Of 1 Category Is Also A Superconsumer Of 9

The “Ism Schism”: Why Asian Bias Is Costing Corporate America A Trillion Dollars (The Untold Story of Zoom)

The Problem With Platforms: How Direct-To-Creator Is Redesigning Legacy Media & Social Media At The Same Time

How To DAM The Demand: Redesign Your Category, Take 76% Of The Market, And Leave Your Competition Wondering What Happened

A Very “Different” Approach To A Legendary Career: YOLO And Achieve Your Personal IPO

How To Leverage Superconsumers For Growth & Category Creation: What Every Business Can Learn From Southwest Airlines

The Magic Triangle: Why Category Design Is The Single Point Of Failure

How To Turn A Headwind Into A Tailwind & Accelerate Your Category Dominance, Just Like Disney

Campbell's Soup & How To Design A Category Breakthrough In The Roaring 2020s

Did The Roaring 2020s Just Start? Examining The Economy Through A Category Lens

Should Parents Act Like CEOs or VCs?

The Future Just Changed And Most People Missed It (NFTs & The Future Of Digital Assets)

The Value Of Bitcoin Most People Can’t See

Miami & Austin Are Wreaking Category Violence On Silicon Valley

Tesla Superconsumers Are Making Millions—Because They Have An Information Advantage Wall Street Doesn’t

The Category Design Scorecard

Radical Generosity, Conscious Capital, And How The New Category of “Justice Deposits” Is Dismantling A Racist Banking System

The Business Case For Becoming A Category Creator (And Why Most People Ignore It)

Lemonade Insurance: How Category Creators Talk, And Why They Sound So Different From The Competition

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