This article led me to look into our customer data more deeply.

The majority of our customers are willing to spend 1-2k on a product, but there are other ‘tiers’ of customers who are willing to spend 3-5k and even ones who are are willing to spend 10k+.

The ones who are willing to spend more are also the ones who use our platform much more frequently.

We have been offering the same value proposition to all of them 🤦

Now we’re going to play the VC game to find out how we can leverage our Superconsumers.

Thanks Category Pirates!

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This article has me thinking of all sorts of tangential ideas for my new category of "living biographies". These are shorter biographies that include narrative elements as well as tributes to those who served in the military and veterans.

If they are supers of reading biographies, then they also likely enjoy history, military history and fiction and maybe geography.

This is giving me potential ideas for people and companies to partner with in the future.

Thank you for writing such thoughtful and detailed mini books! I'm learning a ton from them!

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