This is so good. I love the power of language and I'm starting to see it work wonders in my business. Would love to see some content around small companies between 1-5 employees just past the business validation phase, with revenue just under 100k.

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"We just discovered that in less than 6 months, Category Pirates has become the #13 business newsletter on Substack!" -- Unreal, congrats!

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I have seen so many great examples and demonstrations of languaging at work recently and I'm ready to jump in and create my own language for my categories.

Really love the breakdown and examples of this powerful tool. The advice to add basic arithmetic operations to emphasize the category, service or POV was something I had not heard before and it's really good advice. I'll be applying it to the next category or saying that I coin.

Thank you so much for creating this awesome newsletter!

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Love it!

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