I would like to point out this article contradicts itself. At first it says you need to create something new not innovate in an existing category and not right over demand. Then it proceeds to reference NFTs as something “new” when in fact they’re just digital art which is innovation in an existing category. How is category creation any different than innovation? From what I’ve learned it’s the same thing. Category creation is tapping into existing demand because there is a need for something that may not exist yet but the demand is there for it. Tesla for instance everyone needs cars and there is a need for energy efficient cars that are smarter, faster, self driving, and more efficient. Tesla innovated and capitalized on existing demand that nobody was fulfilling.

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Question about selecting the first niche to focus my new category on to be king and try crossing the chasm with this new innovative way of investing.

How small a niche should i go?

If I’m a financial advisor and I have something different and will benefit investors with $250k or more, i find all my users are professionals of all sorts, and just as many are retired.

Do i pick one profession to target like dentists, or target many professional types, or retired professionals??

Any insight would be great.

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