Are you a Non-Obvious Pirate? Or an Obvious Non-Pirate?
Category Design is a game of thinking.
Don't be too Obvious. And don't be too Non-Obvious.
Are you an Obvious creator or a Non-Obvious creator?
Silicon Valley says, "The best product always wins." But does it?
Categories make brands. Not the other way around.
Do you "eat your own dog food?"
Can you "think different?" The world is ready to reward you.
Dear Friend, Subscriber, and Category Pirate, On January 27th, 2021, we published our first Category Pirates newsletter. Us three pirates had been…
"Category Design is too expensive."
The analog world used to determine what happened in the digital world. Now, the two have flipped.
Facebook and Zuck say they want to create a new category of human connection. But they have demonstrated over the years they don't truly understand…